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Jacksonville Dance Company - National Champions for their "Grease" Musical Theater Performance and the young duet dancers - won two different National Championships!  Way to go, JDC!

2018 Fall Recreational Gymnastics, Pwr Tumbling
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2018 Fall Trampoline and Tumbling Schedule
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2018 Fall Dance and JDC Schedule
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2018 Dance Accomplishments
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Hnp  2018 Activities - Dance and Gymnastics

Be sure to check out our Ninja Zone Program for boys!!!

613 North First Street -

Jacksonville, Ar 72076

(501) 985-1818   www.jaxgymathnp

Welcome to Huff 'n Puff Fitness, Dance and Gymnastics Center, Inc.,

Home of Jacksonville Gymnastics (Jax Gym), Levels One - Ten

Jax Gym Xcel Team (Silver thru Platinum)

Jacksonville Dance Company (JDC) (all genre) and

Jacksonville Trampoline and Tumbling Team  (Jax TnT)

Ninja Zone and Ninja Warrior Classes


 Recreational classes in gymnastics, dance, trampoline and tumbling, power tumbling, Ninja Zone and Ninja Warrior (formerly Parkour). 



Registration is always ongoing and it's always time to   join our classes, and to do that, register now at to reserve your child's space in the class of your choice.


Come join the fun in our fantastic classes.

Schedules are posted under "Program" and then  subject, i.e. dance, gymnastics, ninja zone. 

Register at



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Dance Instructor Photos are shown below.

Huff 'n Puff Fall Class Schedules are now posted on this website.  To register, please go to and go to the parent portal.    The HnP classes are taught by experienced instructors, whose resumes will be posted soon also.  Jacksonville Dance Company Schedues will be posted next week after auditions.

More 2018 Rec Dancers

The Huff 'n Puff home page (this page) is dedicated this week to our wonderful dance department

JDC Audition results are now posted.  BUT - just look at these JDC dancers of the future.  These are wonderful pictures of 2018 HnP recreational dancers.  New Classes start August 13th - register now while spots are available!

More Rec Dancers slideshow is shown below

Another Rec Dancers Slide Show is shown below schedule

Ms. Lois

Ms. Rachel

Mr. Kristof

Come Join Jacksonville Dance Company aka JDC - Jacksonville's Award Winning Competitive Dancers - Clinic and Auditions were held and results are posted.  Experienced and highly qualified instructors.  Many choreography awards won in this year and past competitions!  Recreational schedule, for ages three to teens, is shown above.  

The Website is currently being brought up to date 

The 2017-2018 JDC Professional Photos are shown below.  We are all SO proud of our dancers and instructors

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