2016-2017 Trampoline and Tumbling Mobility Meet

The JAX Intrasquad Mobility Showcase Meet was held Saturday November 19, 2016.  The event provided the Trampoline and Tumbling Team an opportunity to both practice routines and strive for a mobility score to move to the next level. Mobility scores were obtained by six trampoline specialists, three double mini specialists and two tumbling specialists. 


The USAG Sanctioned Event was judged by a panel of judges who also are former or current international athletes affiliated with Dimitri Palioroush’s Gym.  Dimitri has produced Olympians in the last three Olympics and is a former Olympian himself.  His gym in Lafayette, Louisiana, offers training clinics every year and our team has had the opportunity to attend.  The judging panel at the Showcase traveled six hours to not only judge but to provide insightful feedback and spend time with the team. One of the judges, Andrew Wise, is a former JAX-NLR Trampolinist who is the 2016 Level 10 National Winner and serves on the Arkansas State T&T Board as the Athlete Representative.


The event was attended by family and friends of the athletes who all contributed to the gym food drive.  We are so proud of how our parents continue to give back and support the gym.  It is shown by how the entire team cheered and supported one another as the competition took place. 


Staff that worked the event were Coach Tina Lee who is the T&T Program Director, Team Coach, and Judging Chair of Arkansas T&T State Board;  Jr. Coach and former athlete Madison Weeks; Volunteer and former Level Five Trampoline National Winner Jaylon Hightower; JAXGYM Staff Andi Holeman.


Thanks to all of the athletes, volunteers, staff and judges that made this event fun for the kids.  It provided much needed practice in front of others in preparation for our next in-house meet, the JAX T&T Invitational on December 17th.  SAVE THE DATE: We invite everyone to attend to cheer on our team as they compete against other Arkansas T&T Gyms.  

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