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“Burn it Up”

Mae Armstrong                                                            Michaela Boles

Chandler Dean                                                              Trinity Dickerson

Jaimee Hall                                                                     Candra Hodges

Tori Kiser                                                                        Myla McGhee

Rhett Shuman                                                               Tiara Trotter

The Jacksonville Dance Company performed this wonderful number, which showcased several genre as well as the talents of the Dance Company.  The dancers are shown here with JDC Director Ms. Lois Bryan, who returned this year to lead the Dance Company.  Thank you so much, Ms. Lois - we are so proud of you and of our dancers.  You all did a Fantastic job this year.

"Wild about Dance"


Huff 'n Puff 2016 Dance Recital

June 4, 2016

Cabot High School Auditorium

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Mae Armstrong

“To Whom It May Concern”

Kayla Green                                                                       Emily Grimm


“Queen Bee”

Myla McGhee

“Black Beauty”


Madison Boles            `                                                      Michaela Boles

Tiffani Dooley                                                                      Candra Hodges

                                                   Tiara Trotter



                                              Mae Armstrong


“Hernando’s Hideaway”

Mae Armstrong                                                              Michaela Boles

Chandler Dean                                                                Trinity Dickerson

Candra Hodges                                                               Myla McGhee

Rhett Shuman                                                                 Tiara Trotter

“When I Go”

Tori Kiser

“Freeway of Love”

Georgia Clements                                                             Jade Goffe

Janielle Graham                                                                Ava Hill

                                                 Rilee Platt

“Under the Sea”

Emmy Brewer                                                                 Allie Franzen

Kaylee Pelkey                                                                  Tatum Thiedig

Lillian Walker


“Every Heart”


Rhett Shuman



 “When I’m Human”

Tiffani Dooley            Brooke Singleton           Ellie Stricklin           Aurora Tebbeharris        



Tiffani Dooley                                                        Paci Galvan

Mckenzie Hodges            Livy Spoon                Riley Spriggs



Josephine Epperson                  Zion Jones                Lianna Overholser  


Mae Armstrong                                        Trinity Dickerson

Tori Kiser                                                    Myla McGhee

                                                      Rhett Shuman

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