Spring Pictures

The following were some snapshots that were taken at the gym about the first week in March.   Some were taken on my camera by others and some were taken by me.  These pictures are not for re-publication in any way - they are for the website; however, I did take a few for the Kid's Directory or the base publication where we let people know our activities at Huff 'n Puff.  We hope you are as proud of your child who is attending classes here as we are happy to have them attend - we hope you have the same pride in us as we have in you and your children.   The physical activities, such as we promote at Huff 'n Puff, i.e. dance, gymnastics, trampoline or Ninja classes, help your child achieve not only coordination but self-confidence, both of which are so important in the development of a healthy and happy child.


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