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Lauryn Hague performed her jazz solo  to "Confident" in the junior division and she received a PLATINUM AWARD, was first in her category, received a POWER PAK invitation, and a cover model award.  Lauryn was taught by Ms. Lois, who also choreographed this number.  This is Lauryn's second year to compete with JDC.  She also competed for two years with the Jax Gym Competitive Team.

Keanna Phelps performed her tap solo to "Perm" and was awarded a PLATINUM.  She was first in her category and was fourth overall in the Top 10.  Keanna competes in the junior division and this is her second year with JDC.  She also was a National Winner in two national competitions last year as part of an award-winning tap duet.  Ms. Lois is the choreographer and instructor for Keanna.

Lily Overholser (also a member of the JDC Minis) performed a lyrical solo to "FLY" which is a number dedicated to her mommy in heaven.  She received a PLATINUM award for her performance, received first in lyrical category a POWER PAK invitation, Cover Model Award and placed second Overall in the Top Ten!  This performance by Lily was choreographed and taught by Ms. Lois, who by the way is the step-mother of Lily and Lianna, since last fall.  Lily is also a gymnast with the Jax Gym Competitive Team.

Aubrey received a PLATINUM Award for her Jazz routine to "Bling Bling".

She also received First in Jazz category, a POWER PAK Invitation, a Wild Intensive Scholarship and First Overall in the Top Ten.  Ms. Lois is her instructor for this performance.  Aubrey  is the youngest sister of Lindsay and Lauryn Hague.  Aubrey is also a member of the Jax Gymnastics Competitive Team.

JDC was awarded the prestigious STAR STUDIO AWARD - We'll talk about that later - I just wanted you to see what a fantastic job our JDC Dancers, Ms. Lois and Ms. Rachel did at this competition before we see what all these awards were for.  It was really a great day!

This Nexstar Regional Competition was held in Branson, Missouri, March 29 - 31.  JDC performed on Saturday, March 30, and really knocked it out of the park.   JDC will attend the Nexstar National Competition in Orlando, Florida June 28 - July 1.

The Nestar Competition began for JDC at 8:06 with Aubrey Hague competing her Jazz routine to "Bling Bling."  Aubrey is part of the JDC "Mini Dancers" and this is the first year for any of the Minis to compete.  

Mae competed her lyrical performance, which is taught and choreographed by Ms. Rachel, to "You Say".  Mae received a PLATINUM for her performance and placed Fourth out of Top Ten.  Mae has danced at Huff ' Puff since she was three, over nine years.  Mae has also competed in Jax Gym Competitive Team for several years.  Her dance performances show off her gymnastics skills and her dance skills are definitely an asset in her gymnastics beam and floor events.  Mae also competes with two of her brothers in the Jax Gym Trampoline and Tumbling Team.

Mae Armstrong competed her compulsory in the teen category to "Scars to Your Beautiful" which is taught to her and choreographed by Ms. Rachel.  Mae received a High Gold for this performance.  

Lauryn Hague competed her second solo - a Lyrical performance in the junior division to "Symphony" which was choreographed and taught to her by Ms. Rachel.   Lauryn was awarded a PLATINUM award, received first in category and received First Overall in the Top Ten.

Jaimee Hall performed her jazz number in the senior division to "Man's World."  Jaimee was awarded a High Gold and received first in her category.  Ms. Rachel choreographed this jazz performance and is Jaimee's instructor for the dance.  Jaimee was also entered in the Miss Photogenic Competition and she placed first.  As Ms. Lois says, not only are our dancers talented but they also beautiful and I think they follow the old adage "Beauty is as Beauty Does."  This is Jaimee's eleventh year to dance at HnP.

Tori performed "Bored" in the Senior Open category and was awarded a PLATINUM and was first in her category.  This performance was choreographed by Angel Hairston and Ms. Lois is her instructor.

Tori Kiser performed her contemporary solo to "Night We Met" in the senior division (15-19 years) in the highest level Advanced Category and won PLATINUM and was the Overall winner in her division.  Tori told the story through her dance of those who have experienced the loss of a loved one from suicide and the judges saw through Tori's movement the story that needs to be told.  Tori is a very expressive dancer and obviously she told this story well.  This number was choreographed by Casia Baisa and Ms. Lois is her instructor in this performance.  Tori also was first in her category and received the Power Pak invitation in addition to being first Overall.

Mae Armstrong performed her Contemporary Dance to "Warrior" which was choreographed and taught to her by Ms. Rachel.  Mae feels that although life may not be easy at times, you can be a warrior.  You just have to look inside and find of what you are truly made off.  Her Christian faith calls her to be a warrior and through her faith to have the strength to overcome the fears that we all are faced with.  It helps her and Tori to perform these powerful dances to have these thoughts in their minds as they perform - and they are powerful performers.  Mae's performance was choreographed by and is taught by Ms. Rachel.  Mae received a High Gold for her performance.

Mae's photo was entered in the Photogenic Competition and she was awarded Third Place for this beautiful photo.  As stated above, Mae has grown up at Huff 'n Puff.

Jacksonville Dance Company (JDC) kicks the

2019 Competition Season Off with a Big Bang

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