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This same group should also receive the award for "Cuties" but this was their tap performance picture.  They performed their tap to "Shake your Groove Thing" for which they received a Platinum award, Judges Choice Award titled "Groovy Girls" and Second Overall for the Mini competitive small groups - Ms. Lois is the choreographer and instructor for this group of dancers.

The Jacksonville Dance Company Mini Group took the top three places in their age group and division for this National Competition - congratulations dancers and Ms. Lois.  We're so proud of you all.  

This same group of Mini's performed their lyrical to "Hero" for which they received many awards - first of all being a Platinum. They received High Point, a Judges Choice Award titled "Teamwork makes the Dreamwork"; they received a TECHNIQUE award and placed Third Overall for the mini competitive small groups.  Ms. Lois is the choreographer and instructor for this group of dancers.

Jacksonville Dance Company's first-year Mini's competed their hiphop to "Boop".  Competing in this performance were Josie Epperson, Aubrey Hague, Lianna Overholser, Lilian Overholser and Kaylee Pelkey.  This group, choreographed and taught by Ms. Lois, received Platinum award, High Score, ENTERTAINMENT award winner and FIRST PLACE OVERALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS for the Mini Competitive Small groups.  First year competitors and NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - so proud of these young dancers.

This same trio performed their lyrical dance to "Rise Up" and received Silver and placed Fifth in Overall Ten in Intermediate Duo/Trios.  This performance was choreographed and taught by Ms. Lois. 

The Mini's successfully competed their performances soon after the lunch break

2019 Triumph National Competition - page 2

2019 Triumph National Dance Competition performances began early Sunday morning - JDC junior trio performed jazz to "I'm a Lady" and was awarded Silver and received High Point.  They placed Fourth overall out of ten for the junior intermediate duo-trios.  This is the second year for Lauryn Hague and Keanna Phelps to compete with JDC and is Rai Bullock's first year.  The performance was choreographed by and taught by Ms. Lois.

Ending JDC performances on Sunday afternoon about 5:00 were Chandler Dean and Myla McGhee with their exciting tap performance to "Need Your Love".  The performance was choreographed by Shelly Butcher and taught by Ms. Lois.  The dancers received Gold Award and Third Overall in Top Ten.

Jacksonville Dance Company was designated the TOP STUDIO for the Intermediate Level performances.  That means that JDC was the highest scoring studio in the intermediate level of the entire competition.  This was the first time that JDC has won that NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP STUDIO HONOR.  Congratulations to each of these hard-working dancers and Ms. Lois and Ms. Rachel.  We could not be more proud of each of you.

Competing Musical Theater to  "It's a Hard- Knock Life"  choreographed and taught by Ms. Lois were Mae Armstrong, Michaela Boles, Rai Bullock, Chandler Dean, Lauryn Hague, Lindsay Hague, Jaimee Hall, Tori Kaiser, Myla McGhee and Keanna Phelps.  The dancers and performance received Gold Award and FIRST OVERALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!  Ms. Lois choreographs Musical Theater each year and these performances have received top prizes for at least the last several years.  Congratulations!

Performing Lyrical in duet-trio to "End of Love" were Mae Armstrong, Lauryn Hague and Lindsay Hague.  The trio performance, choreographed and taught by Ms. Rachel, received a PLATINUM award, High Point in their category and were FIRST OVERALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!  We're so very proud of all of our dancers.  We know how hard you have all worked this year and continue to work - one more competition to go!

The JDC Company will travel in a few weeks to Orlando, Florida, to compete in the Nexstar National Championships.  Good luck to all of them and safe traveling to and from.  

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