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Story of Family, etc.

Ms. Daisy Heister

Ms. Daisy began teaching for Huff 'n Puff last January when Ms. Kim resigned due to her pregnancy.  Ms. Daisy did a fantastic job of taking over and teaching those classes.  She will be teaching on Mondays this fall, teaching a ballet-tap and tumble class, a combo class of Ballet-Tap and Jazz to beginning five and six year old students and a combo Jazz-Lyrical class to ages seven to nine and another to ages ten and up.   We are pleased that Ms. Daisy will continue to teach at Huff 'n Puff.  Ms. Daisy has been in dancing for over fourteen years and competed for eight years.  She is currently working on her bachelor's degree in Studio Art and minoring in Dance Performance at UALR.   Note - Ms. Daisy is also a former gymnastics student at Huff 'n Puff.

The 2015-2016 dance season was a wonderful time for Jacksonville Dance Company and the Company rose to even higher heights under the direction of Ms. Lois and the dancers and Ms. Lois are looking forward with anticipation to the 2016-2017  "season."  The clinic and auditions are being held in early August.  Results will be announced by registration time.   Huff 'n Puff held its first dance camp in late July - well, the first in many years.  Actually, the first dance camps were held over 20 years ago.  The dance campers had a great time learning more about jazz, tap, ballet and hiphop.  The camp, under the direction of Ms. Lois,  was taught by Ms. Rachel, Ms. Joi, who returned from Texas and Nevada to teach the camp along with Ms. Bri, who continued to teach at HnP.

We are excited to announce that Ms. Kim will soon deliver her baby girl Marley Jo.  We were thrilled that Ms. Kim had come back to teach at her "Alma Mater" - and equally pleased that Ms. Daisy came in to replace Ms. Kim.  See about Ms. Daisy above.  Leaving on the information about Ms. Kim so that you can see the quality of our Huff 'n Puff instructors and their loyalty to us - we are so grateful to all of those people who are like family and are still so loyal to us over the years.

Briyana (Bri) Isaac - 2015 - 2016

Briyana has a great background in both dance and gymnastics, having grown up taking both subjects at Huff 'n Puff since she was a young child.  She actually began taking dance in Spain when she was two years old.  She started taking dance at Huff 'n Puff when she was five and a half and began dancing in Jacksonville Dance Company when she was just seven years old.  She started gymnastics with Huff 'n Puff and began competing on the JAX Gym Team when she was nine years old.  Bri very successfully taught young preschool children dance (ballet, tap and tumble) during the 2013-2014 dance season. She began coaching gymnastics over the summer a year ago for both recreational and team classes.  During the 2014-2015 season, Bri coached Level Two competitive gymnasts. Bri cheered for several years at North Pulaski High School and her senior year she was one of the two captains of the cheer squad.  This will be her third year to attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to further her dancing career and to gain more experience as an instructor.  She is majoring in dance, and most likely, will minor in sign language in hopes of combining the two as a form of therapy for children with disabilities.  Bri and her family have been an important part of Huff 'n Puff for nearly fourteen years. 


Ms. Bri will be teaching recreational dance classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Ms. Bri also taught the younger dancers at the Huff 'n Puff Dance Camp that was held for the first time in over 20 years.  The instructors taught Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop and Ms. Bri did a great job in introducing these young campers to the world of dance.  The dancers had a great time at Camp and did a really good job in learning about the basics of dance.  On the last day of camp, they showed off to their parents and relatives what they had learned at camp.

Kim White – 2015 - 2016


Ms. Kim White (Holladay) has had thirteen years of gymnastics and fourteen years dance experience at Huff 'n Puff, including seven years of private tap instruction with Ms. Laurel.   She is quite talented and is in her FOURTEENTH year instructing at Huff ‘n Puff.  Kim was a cheerleader for six years and was on the high school squad that was judged first in the nation in 00-01.  After graduating from high school, she was chosen to be a staff member with the Universal Cheerleading Association to teach cheerleading camps in six states.  She was also a college cheerleader at UALR .  In addition to teaching dance and gymnastics classes at Huff 'n Puff, Ms. Kim also taught Little Rock Air Force Base Youth Center dance classes for three years.  She currently teaches combination ballet-tap-tumbling for preschoolers and combination jazz and tap classes to older ages at HnP.   Ms. Kim is beginning her 10th year as a kindergarten teacher at Sherwood Elementary.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in early childhood education and a Masters Degree in educational theories and practices.  Kim just recently became Ms. Kim White - this was one of her beautiful wedding pictures!


Ms. Laurel, the corporate executive officer and manager of Huff 'n Puff, is shown here with Ms. Bri, Ms. Lois and Ms. Daisy at the 2016 recital.  The Dance Department is very close to Ms. Laurel's heart - she was a student of dance in our first year of existance - at the age of ten.  She taught for several years at a very young age, including tap and jazz to adults.  When Laurel returned to Huff 'n Puff in 1996, she began teaching dance and began the Jacksonville Dance Company.  Three of her original students were Ms. Lois and Ms. Kim and her twin sister Ms. Jennifer.   And Ms. Bri took from Ms. Lois, Ms. Kim and Ms. Jennifer.  Wonderful line of achievement!  No wonder I have such pride in these young ladies!   A Story of Family and Love and Loyalty over the Years - 1980 to 2016


2015 – 2016 Dance Staff

Huff ‘n Puff is happy to introduce the three dance instructors to you.  Ms. Lois has returned to be Director of Dance and head of the Jacksonville Dance Company (JDC).  Ms. Kim White has returned to instruct recreational dance classes.  If you have been around Huff ‘n Puff for any length of time, you might have known Ms. Kim as Kim Holladay.  Bri has returned to the dance department to teach recreational and hiphop classes – she’s also coaching Level Two gymnasts on the Jax Gym Competitive Team.  All three instructors have grown up and trained in dance, gymnastics and cheer at Huff ‘n Puff and among the three, they have been members of the HnP family for over sixty years.  


Lois Bryan - 2015-2016

Ms. Lois has rejoined our staff at Huff ‘n Puff as Director of Dance and as head of the Jacksonville Dance Company (JDC).  Ms. Lois is well qualified for this position as she trained in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading at Huff ‘n Puff as she grew up through junior and senior high school and has been a part of the Huff ‘n Puff family for eighteen years.  Ms. Lois took dance for thirteen years with the last eight of those years being at Huff 'n Puff.  Her four years of gymnastics were taken at Huff 'n Puff and she was on Ms. Laurel's first competitive team, as well as the original competitive dance company. Ms. Lois cheered for five years and won TOP All-American Cheerleader in the 10th grade.  She also cheered for the Universal Cheer Association in 2004, traveling to five or six nearby states to instruct cheerleading camps for junior high and high school squads.  Ms. Lois currently works at Arkansas Children's Hospital in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit as an RN and has done so for the past five and a half years.  She will continue to work full time at the hospital while instructing JDC for Huff 'n Puff. She really enjoys teaching dance and especially working with the Jacksonville Dance Company dancers.  We are so excited and happy that she is with the Dance Company and Huff ‘n Puff.  Ms. Lois has also worked with several pageant winners choreographing their talent numbers - all of them have been winners.


This 2016-2017 season, Ms. Bri will be teaching 3-5 year old Ballet, Tap and Tumble classe;, combo Jazz-tap-ballet class for five-six year-olds, a combo class for seven- nine year-old; and hip hop classes for ages five-six, , ages seven to nine and classes for ages ten to twelve.

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