Top honors (first, second or third) were awarded to the following Level Three Gymnasts (alphabetically by first name, by age.)

Brooklyn T.:  Vault - Third; Bars - Third; Beam - Third; Floor - Third; All-Around - Third

Charlee:  Vault - Third; Bars - Second; Beam - Third

Kendall:  Vault - Second; Beam - Third; Floor - Second; All-Around - Third

Lauren:  Bars - First; Beam - First; Floor - First; All-Around - First

Jalynn:  Bars - First; All-Around - Second

Leighton:  Vault - Third; Bars - Second; Beam - Second; - Floor - Third; All-Around - Second

Tamia:  Vault - First; Bars - First; Beam - First; Floor - First; All-Around - First

Brooklyn H.:  Vault - First; Bars - Third

Natalie:  Vault - First; Bars - First; Beam - First; Floor - First; All-Around - First


                               Congratulations Level Three Gymnasts - proud of every one of you!









The Jax Gym Level Three Team proudly won the First-Place Team Trophy

The first meet of the season for the gymnasts is always exciting.  This meet at Delta Gymnastics in West Memphis was not only sanctioned but actual scores were given, as well as team scores.  The earlier Halloween Meet in which the Optionals competed is comparable to our Mock Meet - a great meet for the Optionals to get their feet wet and see where they needed to improve.  There was nothing Mock about the Delta Meet and it was the first competition of the season for Levels Two, Three and Four, as well as Bronze XCEL.  And while these gymnasts were at the Delta Meet, the JAX Trampoline and Tumbling gymnasts were back at Huff 'n Puff, showing off their skills, as well.

Jax Gymnasts  Compete at their First Competition of the Season - at Delta Gymnastics in West Memphis - Nov 18-19

A word of explanation should be added here.  Jax Gym has several competitive teams - the team that I'm writing about here and that we have always had - is called artistic gymnastics.    Within the artistic team, we compete Levels Two - Ten.  Several years ago, we added the Jax Gym Trampoline and Tumbling Team, and this year, we have added the Jax Gym XCEL Competitive Team.


XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program that offers individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts.  The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.  The scoring is the same as for the artistic gymnastics but the program enables a gymnast to compete different levels for the four events.


Not only did the Jax Gym Team compete Levels Two, Three and Four, and Bronze XCEL this weekend in West Memphis, but Jax Gym Trampoline and Tumbling Team hosted a Mobility Meet at Huff 'n Puff the same day.  More details will be furnished on that later this week.


Five of the eight-member Level Two Team competed Friday evening and placed Third-Place Team.  The Jax Gym Level Two gymnasts range in age from seven to ten years of age.  Competing Friday night were Helen Born, Parker Brock, Makayla Cleveland, Alana Griffin, Victoria Jacob and Natalie Woodall.


Placing Top Honors -- First, Second or Third (and listed by age alphabetically by first name) are:

Parker:  Beam - Third; All-Around - Second

Alayna :  Bars - First

Helen:  Beam - Second

Makayla:  Beam - First


The Jax Gym XCEL Bronze gymnasts who competed were Briana Dawson, Miana Dawson, Tommie Gooden and Amy Sessions.  This was the first meet ever for these gymnasts and they made their coaches and team very proud.


Competing Saturday morning at eight were the following Level Three Jax Gymnasts:   Natalie Arizpe, Audrey Beard, Chloe Caldwell, Kendall Eaves, Leighton Gauden, Lauren Hassen, Brooklyn Henry, Mikayla Jackson, Jalynn Larson, Tamia Lewis, Mia Mabry, Katie McGlofin, Olivia Middleton, Gracie Slatton, Charlee Smith and Brooklyn Theodore.







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