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Well,I'll just spend a little time with LaLa and the old man - well, he's really my Big Papa, but my Mama calls him Old Man - seems he said she was fat before I was born so now she calls him that!

And my mama said I was too young for this riding toy!  Ha - I fooled her - well, with a little help holding me on!

Okay - Let the Unwrapping Begin

and then there was not one single space on the floor for all the paper and boxes- and Wryatt took his morning nap. When we awoke, he was ready to open all his presents after the trash was bagged!

Family Christmas - 2017

Date:  Christmas Day, 2017

Location:  Laurel and Larry's Home -

The Adams Residence,Cabot, AR  

Act One - Breakfast

Cast of Characters:

The Old Lady - better known as Mom, Magra, Sheryl, etc.


Her Same as for almost 27 years - John John, J.T. or Papa


Mark - Second Son in Family - better known as best cook around and Loving Son


One and Only Daughter  - Laurel - Loving, hard-working, best shopping and CEO of Family Business - Huff 'n Puff, home of successful gymnastics team - Jax Gym






























Larry - hard-working husband of daughter Laurel and sometimes known as Big Papa or "Old Man" by Tori - cause he told her she was fat when she was pregnant (she wasn't - just his way of teasing.

Tori - Oldest Beautiful Daughter of Laurel - Hard working-smart and wonderful mother of baby boy.

Keith - Wonderful Daddy of baby boy and all-around good person

Wryatt - cutest and sweetest baby boy ever - Son of Tori and Keith, Grandson of Lala and Old Man, Great Grandson of Magra and Papa and nephew to next character.

Madi - Second Beautiful Daughter of Laurel - the young coed from University of Arkansas - who ended up with 3.225 gradepoint after smartly changing from Biology to Fashion.  She's also the one who is going to design for Gucci (sp?) and make millions so she can buy each of us a car.



Act One, Scene One  - Breakfast

No Pictures available - all too busy digging in to the fantastic breakfast sausage and egg casserole with sausage gravy - all made by Chef Mark.  This breakfast casserole is a family tradition for our Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings.  This great treat was followed by hurried trips to the the beautifully decorated tall tree of the season, swamped by beautifully wrapped presents (by Laurel) and admired for all of 30 seconds before being torn into by family.

Scene Two - Christmas Unwrapping and lots of gratitude for having such a wonderfully giving family - missed were Lang, Sloane, Richard and Jenna.  Oh, forgot, four family dogs were also present but spent most of the day outside; day was bright and sunny but cold.  Mark's dog Delta was in her kennel in his truck.

We spent the night here last night - are we really going home now - well to other grandparents, at least.

Mark is a fabulous cook - Prime rib with twice-baked potatoes and green bean casserole and after - lemon ice box pie, chocolate sheet cake or vanilla wafer cake - or if that's not enough - there were still all those apple cinnamon mini-muffins (those were all by Sheryl) and apple pie and chocolate chip cookies - by Laurel.

We were all full and wanting to just sleep after that wonderful meal, but we still had to take the traditional family pictures.

These are Laurel and Larry' s other kids just lazing out in front of the fire.

Wryatt's First Christmas pictures - taken Friday before Christmas, I think

I just wanted to post this picture of Laurel - she was sick that day but got up to host the Gymnastics Award Banquet.  I thought she looked beautiful.  It's easy to see why Madi and Tori are so pretty and Wryatt so cute - well Keith did have a little to do with it, too.

Sorry - I couldn't remove this

Dinner!!!  Hurray!

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