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Several of the Jax Gym Optional Gymnasts (Levels Six, Seven, Eight and Nine) attended the Halloween Meet at the Flame Gymnastics Gym at Fort Smith last Saturday.  This is a yearly meet that Flame puts on as the first meet of the season.  Scores are not shown (but given),  gymnasts do not compete against one another and teams do not compete for placements.  It is just a good meet in which the gymnasts can get their feet wet for the season and be scored by USAG judges. The gymnasts wear costumes for fun before and after the meet.  Last year the Jax Gym Optionals were Gym Rats and this year they were dressed as individual emoji's as designated on their t-shirts made by Coach Laurel.


HALLOWEEN MEET - Oct 29, 2016

Levels Seven, Eight and Nine gymnasts from several gyms competed in the 8:00 session.  This time made for a wake up call for those of us traveling from central Arkansas - like a 3:30 - 4:00.  Competing for Jax Gym at Level Seven was Kylie Belew.  Competing at Level Eight were Jadyn Hannah and Hannah Sullivan.  Competing at Level Nine was Madi Spears. 

Jax Gym Level Six gymnasts are shown here after their competition.  From left to right are Natalie, Ashlyn, Reese and Sarah Grace.

The gymnasts are shown here after their competition in their special costume t-shirts.  Posing with them also is Sidney Andrews who supported her teammates in both sessions.  Thanks Sidney for your encouragement and support.

The Level Six Jax Gymnasts are shown here obviously after their competition - as evidenced by their chalk - in their cute t-shirts.  Good job, gymnasts!

Optional Gymnasts are shown here after their competition; from left to right are Jadyn, Madi, Hannah and Kylie.

Competing in the noontime session were the Jax Gym Level Six Gymnasts:  Reese Craven, Ashlyn Kimble, Sarah Grace Moss and Natalie Stocks.  These gymnasts did really well and were so much fun to watch!!!

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