Judges' Cup Competition

Saturday - Page Two

Competing Level Three for Jax Gym Saturday morning at the 8:00 session with three other teams were:   Natalie Arizpe, Audrey Beard, Chloe Caldwell, Kendall Eaves, Leighton Gauden, Lauren Hassen, Brooklyn Henry, Mikayla Jackson, Jalynn Larson, Mia Mabry, Katie Mcgloflin, Olivia Middleton, Gracie Slatton, Charlee Smith, and Brooklyn Theodore. 

Winning Top Honors (First, Second or Third) were:

Jalynn:  Vault - Second; Bars - First; Beam - First; Floor - First; All-Around - First

Natalie:  Vault - First; Bars Second; Beam - First - Floor - Third; All-Around - First

Lauren:  Bars - First; Beam - First; Floor - First; All-Around - First

Gracie:  Bars - First; Floor - First; All-Around - Third

Olivia:  Bars - Second; Beam - Second; Floor - Third; All-Around - Second

Charlie:  Bars - First

Brooklyn:  Bars - Second

Kendall:  Vault - First

Leighton:  Vault - First; Floor - Third

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