Team and Trampoline and Tumbling gymnasts are shown here - in case you are wondering about what is on the gymnasts' hands - those are called tiger paws and are used to help eliminate stress on the wrists during tumbling passes - especially useful for pavement tumbling but are also used regularly  in the practices and competitions on the spring floor.

We really wish that we could invite the City of Jacksonville to come to our gym and watch all of our wonderful students work out in their classes.  We’re so proud of our students and their instructors and coaches.  We really could not be more fortunate or more proud!

Some of our wonderful JDC dancers are shown here.

Following the dancers were preteam and younger team gymnasts and trampoline and tumbling gymnasts. 

Following the younger team gymnasts, the optional gymnasts tumbled a bit in their optional sweatshirts with polka dots.  It was really difficult for our tumblers to tumble on the streets – they have many competitions in their future and they did all they could to avoid injuries. 

Below are some of the pictures that I took before the parade.


Some of the younger dancers  are shown here - they already know how to dance pose.

Attire for the parade participants were the warm black hoodies trimmed in green light-up cords and red sparkly JAX on the back of the hoodie.  Unfortunately, about 95% of the cords lit up and made for   Iast-minute rush and frustration.  We managed though and appreciate everyone’s patience.  I was amazed by how many gymnasts and tumblers there were in this group!

The second trailer carried the younger dancers—eight and under.  The dancers performed in front of the judges.  They performed in the younger category to “Up on the Housetop” and won the Second-Place Performance Trophy.   We were so proud of these dancers, and I was especially proud as the  really young dancers in the group kept right up with the older dancers.  All the dancers in the group really showed off their talents in the really cute routine choreographed and taught by Ms. Bri and Ms. Kim.  What a great job they are doing with these young dancers.

Behind the Huff ‘n Puff Express were many recreational tumblers, power tumblers and preteam gymnasts from both Jax Gym and Jax Gym Trampoline and Tumbling Teams.  Also, we were very pleased to have several tumblers from the Par-Kour classes participate in the parade, also.


2015 Jacksonville Christmas Parade



Huff ‘n Puff and Jax Gym, Dance, Trampoline and Tumbling and Cheer went all out Tuesday night in Jacksonville’s Second Night-time parade.  We are guessing that we had nearly, if not more, than 200 participants walking or riding with Huff ‘n Puff.  At any rate, what a great showing we had and the weather even cooperated, too. 

It is difficult at night to get all good pictures, though – either too dark or too light and a little difficult to take pictures since we were sort of working in the dark.  If anyone has photos they want to send me, let them know at the gym and ask that word be passed on to me.

First trailer (the well-known Huff ‘n Puff Express) held the young preschool gymnasts.  We heard they had a great time.  I could hear the audience participants yelling loudly for our kids!


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