Thursday - Levels Six and Seven

Coaches Laurel, Dennis and I drove up to St Louis Thursday night, arriving at midnight because we needed to be there for Level Six competition at 11:00 on Friday.  We stayed in the hotel that was just across the street from the Dome at the America's Center, which was quite handy, but the Center was so large that we had to walk what seemed like a half mile after we got in the facility.  We knew that this was a huge meet but I'm not sure that even we were prepared for it.  For the first two days, only two floors within the Dome were utilized.  On the third day, three floors were used.  Each area included two sets of bars, two vaults, two beams, a large exercise performance floor and the exercise runway, so you can imagine how large the facility was to hold these areas, plus there was actually room for one more performance area.   




























The arena was divided into red, white and blue areas and awards were given in rooms designated red, white and blue, also.  This is the white area - the red area is across the way and the blue area is off to the left of this area.


The meet began Friday morning at 8:00 and ended late Sunday evening.  Over 2500 gymnasts from 71 teams from nine states competed in this competition.  The competition was for Levels Three through Ten, and Xcel Silver through Diamond.   There were actually 21 Level Ten gymnasts in this competion.  I think we may have one Level 10 in our State.     Medals were awarded out to 50% and ties were not broken - that means if the gymnast scored first and another gymnast scored the same score, each gymnast was awarded a First-Place medal and shared the stand.  For team awards, not only did the team win the First - Second or Third-Place Banner, but each gymnast on the winning team, was awarded  a medal signifying the team win.  


Jax Gym Level Six gymnasts competed Friday morning at 11:00 - so happy it wasn't the 8:00 session.  Competing with   67 Level Six gymnasts from seven teams were Jax gymnasts Reese Craven, Madison Jones, Ashlyn Kimble, Sarah Grace Moss, and Natalie Stocks.      















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