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2021_Kids Directory - Best Choice Awards

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Rec Trampoline & Tumbling
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2021_Best Choice Awards Logo

Daycamp fun at the movies!

Jax Gym Level Seven

Jax Gym Level Eight

Jax Gym Level Nine

These youngsters are now four years old and still enjoying their classes.

2020-2021 Jax Gym - these gymnasts were very successful Level Two Team Gymnasts this season

Jacksonville Dance Company (JDC) wins Ten National Championship Awards - Top Inter-


mediate Studio,two choreography awards and Technique Award at Triumph National


Dance Competition - 2021

Some gymnastics pictures from previous years

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Be sure to check out our Ninja Zone Program for boys and girls.!!!

613 North First Street -

Jacksonville, Ar 72076

(501) 985-1818   www.jaxgymathnp

Welcome to Huff 'n Puff Fitness, Dance and Gymnastics Center, Inc.,

Home of Jacksonville Gymnastics (Jax Gym), Levels One - Ten

Jax Gym Xcel Team (Silver thru Diamond)

Jacksonville Dance Company (JDC) (all genre) and

Ninja Zone and Ninja Warrior Classes

Recreational classes in all,

including preschool classes--dance and gymnastics


 Recreational classes in gymnastics, dance, 

power tumbling, Ninja Zone and Ninja Warrior. 


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Reminder - to enroll in any of our classes please go to  Thank you.  We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the many classes we offer at Huff 'n Puff, Jacksonville Dance Company and Jax Gym.  I'd appreciate a comment on Facebook or you telling the front desk that you have enjoyed the pictures and articles.  Thank you so much.

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Huff 'n Puff Class Schedules are posted on this website.  Look at top of page for schedules.  To register, please go to and go to the parent portal.    The HnP classes are taught by experienced instructors, most of whose resumes have been posted.  

The 2020-2021 Jax Gym Professional Team photos are shown below the preschool slides.  We are all SO proud of our gymnasts and instructors

We, at Huff 'n Puff, are so proud of all of our programs, both recreational and competitive, and all of our programs begin with our young gymnasts and dancers.

It's definitely a family affair at HnP - Wryatt is 27-Month old grandchild of Laurel and is my great grandson

Preschool Gymnastics - where it all begins

Jacksonville Dance Company competed in two National Dance Competitions - Triumph Nationals in Branson, Mo. and Overland Park, Kansas. The Company won ten Triumph National Championship Performance Awards, were awarded two choreography awards, a technique award and Top Intermediate Studio Award in Triumph National Competition, as well as many other Championship Performances.



2019-2020 Jax Gym Competitive

Level One Gymnasts

These three gymnasts are barely two years old - and just see what they can do already - we have classes for two to late teens - boys and girls - gymnastics - ninja zone, dance and trampoline  - please tell your friends about us.

2020 - 2021 Jax Gym Competitive Team Photos

Thank  you for your interest in our competitive teams - our pride is definitely showing!  Pictures of some of our classes and students are shown below the younger gymnasts

Some of the kids in one of the Ninja Classes for boys and girls

Note:  Some of these ads are for 2018 and may have wrong dates for enrollement, i.e. summer day camp  - ads are on here just for your enjoyment  - to see the cute pictures and to see how we advertise monthly!  If you have any questions, please call HnP at 985-1818 and someone there will be able to give you the dates for the 2020 events.

These are pictures of our newest competitors - Level One or Tiny Team as they are also called.

Jax Gym Level One

Jax Gym Level Two

JaxGym Level Three

Jax Gym Level Four

Jax Gym Level Six

Jax Gym Xcel Gold

Jax Gym Xcel Platinum


Jax Gym Level Seven

Jax Gym Level Eight

Jax Gym Level Nine

Registration is always ongoing and it's always time to   join our classes, and to do that, register now at to reserve your child's space in the class of your choice.


Come join the fun in our fantastic classes.


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It's not easy getting to the top

Three - Four-year-old Ninja Class



Come see it Wow!

See New Ninja Quipment above right and below!!!

Just a day in the life of Huff 'n Puff dancers and gymnasts - see - we do have boys - I just forgot to take pictures of them the first day that I took pictures.

A few new Ninja Zone pictures are posted down below.

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