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Huff 'n Puff 2016 Dance Recital

June 4, 2016

Cabot High School Auditorium












It seems that every year it gets harder to write something new here because it is true that each year Jacksonville Dance Company has continued to be more successful.  This year has topped all years, though, under the direction of Ms. Lois Bryan, who returned this year to direct and instruct the Company dancers, including several dancers who came back specifically to work with Ms. Lois.  The Company has outdone itself this year with its unique choreography and the instruction from Ms. Lois.  Additionally, the company has taken ballet technique classes from Mr. Kristoff, adding yet another dimension to their performances. The Company has won even higher awards this year with their group dances and also with their beautiful solos. The dancers competed Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Lyrical Compulsory, Musical Theater and Tap in four large regional competitions, outperforming even previous years, by winning multiple first and top places in their categories, including several category cups. In late June, the Company will compete in the Masquerade National Competition in Ft Walton Beach, Florida. 


The Jacksonville Dance Company performed the following dances in the 2015-2016 competition season and in your recital tonight:

Contemporary:  “When I Go”

Hip Hop:  “Work”

Jazz:  “Black and Gold” “I Like That” “Queen Bee”    

Lyrical: “Every Heart” “Hero” “Home” “How Will I Know”

Lyrical Compulsory:  “Flashlight”

Musical Theater:  “Hernando’s Hideaway”

Tap:  “Can You Do This”


We are so happy that Ms. Lois could return this year to again work with our dance company.  Ms. Lois started out in dance and gymnastics at Huff ‘n Puff when she was only eleven years old and she has been with us since that time, except when her employment prevented it.  Ms. Lois has been a nurse for six and a half years, working such difficult positions as PICU nurse and assuming all the responsibilities that go along with that position.  During those years with night shifts and all, it was difficult for her to be with us all the time.  She is now a Pre-Op Nurse at Baptist Eye Center in Little Rock, which has allowed her the freedom to work again with our dancers.  We want her to know how happy we are and how grateful we are that she rearranged her work so she could be with us once again.  Nineteen years is a long time – and we love you.


2015 – 2016

 JDC Company Dancers


Mae Armstrong, Michaela Boles, Chandler Dean, Trinity Dickerson, Jaimee Hall, Candra Hodges, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee, Rhett Shuman, Tiara Trotter,





Huff ‘n Puff Owners

Sheryl Zimmerman       Laurel Adams

Director of Operations – Laurel Adams

Jacksonville Gymnastics

USAG Junior Olympic Competitive Team--

Levels One through Ten

Xcel Gymnastics Team

 Jacksonville Dance Company

Trampoline and Tumbling Team



Director of Dance

 Lois Bryan



Company – Lois Bryan –

Ballet and Ballet Technique – Kristof Waltermeir

Recreational - Daisy Heister and Briyana Isaac


Music Reproduction – Lois Bryan

Publicist and Programs – Sheryl Zimmerman

Sound & Lighting – Cabot High School Staff





Jackie Cross                                                              Andi Holeman           

Shelly Soderlund                                                        Jackie York                       


After-School Care  

 Kristina Armstrong


Summer Daycamp – May 31 - August 12, 2016

Director – Jackie York




We are thankful for the opportunity to again perform tonight for our yearly recital in this beautiful Cabot Auditorium.  It is because of the hard work by your children and our staff, and your continued support of our staff, that we are able to be here for this recital.  In this, our 34th recital, I wish to again thank all of you for that support. 


Our Goal from our very first year has been that “We want your child to enjoy the pleasure of learning the art of dance while also experiencing the joy of achievement.” 


It is our sincere hope that, when grown, your children will remember the fun and the achievements gained from their years at Huff ‘n Puff.  I feel that our entire staff is a remarkable group and we hope that you feel that they are playing a positive part in your child’s life. We hope also that you have as much pride in us as we have in your children and their accomplishments.


Huff ‘n Puff has continued to grow yearly.  The recreational and competitive programs have progressed immeasurably.  Huff ‘n Puff is the home to our successful Jacksonville Dance Company that will be attending the large Masquerade National Competition this summer in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  Huff ‘n Puff is also home to one of the larger gymnastics teams in the state--our Jacksonville Gymnastics Competitive Team, Levels One through Ten. We had three optional gymnasts qualify for and compete in separate seven-state Regional competitions.  We have this season begun a new program for Jax Gym - an Xcel Competitive Gymnastics Team.  Our Jax Gym Trampoline and Tumbling Team, in its fifth year, continues to be successful with gymnasts going to Regional and National competitions.  We are so proud of all of our recreational and competitive programs and the children involved in each.

I realize that my letter of appreciation is much the same year to year but my pride remains the same and much more.  I’m so proud of our instructors and coaches.  In addition to honoring our staff, I would sincerely like to again honor my daughter Laurel Adams.   The responsibilities required for managing this business are endless and not accomplished without a good deal of sacrifice.  My pride lies not only in Laurel’s willingness to take on a challenge, but in her ability to see things as they are, to relate to people and to care for the students.  Her dedication to the students, her courage to set higher goals, and to help the students attain those goals, have made Huff ‘n Puff an even better training facility for dance and gymnastics. 

Your continued support of Laurel, Huff ‘n Puff, our programs, and our staff is sincerely appreciated.  Without your support, we would be nothing.  My gratitude to all, over the years, is overwhelming.




Sheryl Lynn Zimmerman

Huff ‘n Puff 34th Dance Recital (first recital 1982)

May 31, 2016




First-Year Recital Students


Madison Boles                                                             Georgia Clements

Tiffani Dooley                                                              Kamree DuSharm

Josephine Epperson                                                   Allie Franzen

Paci Galvan                                                                   Jade Goffe    

Janielle Graham                                                          Kaylee Green

Ava Hill                                                                          Mckenzie Hodges    

Alexis Jones                                                                  Zion Jones    

Jordynn Lee                                                                  Sydnee Lee  

Lianna Overholser                                                     Kaylee Pelkey

Sophie Perkins                                                            Rilee Platt

Brooke Singleton                                                        Livy Spoon               

Riley Spriggs                                                                Aurora Tebbeharris  

Anyiah Tenner                                                            Lillian Walker                          

                                 Joscelynn Whttenburg                     




Second-Year Recital Students


Emmy Brewer                                                            Mia McGhee

Rhett Shuman                                                            Ellie Stricklin


Third-Year Recital Students


AnnaBeth Haycook                                                   Anabelle Healy

Tatum Thiedig


Fourth-Year Recital Students


Michaela Boles                                                          Trinity Dickerson

Candra Hodges                                                          Tiara Trotter


Fifth-Year Recital Students


Madison Womack


Sixth-Year Recital Students


Mae Armstrong


Seventh-Year Recital Students


Chandler Dean


Eighth-Year Recital Students


Emily Grimm                                                              Jaimee Hall

Tori Kiser                                                                   Myla McGhee





Huff ‘n Puff Summer Classes Begin                                                       May 31

Summer Daycamp begins                                                       May 31 – Aug 12                             

Masquerade  National Dance Competition,

 Ft Walton Beach, Florida                                                            June 25 - Jul 1


HnP will be Closed for Fourth of July Holiday                                     July  4


Dance Company Clinic and Tryouts                                                   Aug 1 - 5

(If you are interested in being a part of the Jacksonville Dance Company, please contact Huff ‘n Puff Office at 501 985-1818.)                                        


You may begin registering for Fall Session                                           Aug 1  


Daycamp Ends                                                                                             Aug 12


You will also want to attend the Huff ‘n Puff Open House

and Registration Festivities                                                 Saturday, Aug 13


                                ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER

School Starts                                                                                                Aug 15                                                                                                        


Huff ‘n Puff Fall Classes Begin                                                                 Aug 15








Have a Wonderful Summer with us at



   613 North First Street, Jacksonville, AR  72076

(501) 985-1818

www.huffnpuffgym.com  and www.jaxgymathnp.com


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Jacksonville Dance Company


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