Trainers Krista and Chase with Jax Gym first Ninja Zone Class.  I asked them to show me their Ninja faces - but none of us were quite sure yet what a Ninja face is - I'm sure we will learn soon.

Ninja Warrior (ParKour) Class with Kameron.  The younger boys were in the back of the gym jumping from beam to beam.

Ninja Zone - Coaches and First Night at Jax Gym - Pictures

 See Below for newest pictures taken in mid-September, 2016


I needed some new photos for publicity so I ran to the gym Thursday night (Sep 15) and took some pictures - these were not all the Ninja Zone classes and perhaps I can get more pictures soon.  We now have not only Krista's classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Chase's classes on Thursday, but we have added more classes that will be taught by Julia, who is also certified, and she will teach at least one class on Thursday, Monday and Wednesday.  We are excited that your children are enjoying the Ninja Zone classes so much and we are also so pleased to have such great instructors.  Julia, of course, has been with us for several years and Krista and Chase have made wonderful additions to Huff 'n Puff and our great programs (trying hard to not break my arm while patting myself on the back - credit goes to Laurel!

Jax Gym Ninja Zone Trainers - Krista Carlisle and Chase Grantham.  Some of you Jax Gym Team followers may remember Krista - she competed with the gym several years ago.  And you might recognize Chase from Prevail Family Fitness in Cabot.  Both involved with fitness.  Krista is an accountant but is certified in several fitness programs and is a aerobics fitness trainer.  Chase is also a trainer at Prevail - and they were great at this first class of Ninja - the young men were sweating like crazy and SMILING!

Jax Gym Ninja Warrior (ParKour) Instructors - Kameron and Thomas

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