Schedule Dated Oct 1, 2018

The JAXGYM Trampoline & Tumbling Program is the keystone of what makes JAXGYM a unique place to train!  Skills learned in Trampoline & Tumbling classes will help athletes gain strength, agility, body control and more.  We are excited to help athletes excel in tumbling, trampoline, cheerleading and parkour!


This program is ideal for cross training in non-gymnastics sports where increased vertical jump, core strength, speed and body control are of focus; for example basketball (vertical jump and agility), baseball/softball/swimming/volleyball (core strength), track (speed and agility), diving (aerial skills), and much, much more.

T&T Recreational classes are divided by ability, then age.  Classes are available for toddlers through adults.  JAXGYM will strive to keep a 1:6 coach to student ratio for ages five & under and a 1:8 ratio for ages six & older. 

T&T Recreational Classes
(Mastered Skills show no noticeable flaws and no degradation of power)

T&T Bronze (One hour): This class is for students who are NEW to tumbling, or students who are still working on rolls, handstand forward rolls, handstands to bridge, bridge down to an 8" mat, and cartwheels, basic body position jumps and drops on trampoline.  

T&T Silver (One hour):  Students have MASTERED Bronze skills and working on one-arm cartwheel, round-off, bridge down kick-over on flat surface, front limber, and back limber. 

T&T Gold (One hour): Must have MASTERED all Bronze and Silver skills and is working on front and back walkovers, round-off back handspring(s), standing back handspring, front handsprings, front tucks. 


To register, please go to or someone at the gym would be happy to help you register - in person or on the telephone -501-985-1818.

Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling Classes are also offered.

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