Trent Armstrong, Rai Bullock, Anastasia Golden, Kylie Harper,

Alivia Horn, Sydnee Lee, Kamiya Lewis, Sophie Madding,

Lona Simmons, Kinsley Walker

Walking the Red Carpet




The 36th Annual Huff 'n Puff Dance Recital was presented by the Jacksonville Dance Company at the Cabot High School Auditorium on Saturday, May , 2018.  Dress rehearsal was held the morning of the 19th at 9:00 a.m. with the recital beginning promptly at 3:00 in the afternoon.   The program is copied below with the dress rehearsal photos attached.  When the professional pictures are returned, I will insert those pictures.  As you all know, I am certainly not a professional photographer and my camera was purchased strictly for posed close-up  still pictures with great lighting .  These pictures are posted now strictly as a way of remember which numbers were what.  I apologize also - I think over the years that I have only missed one other recital but my oldest granddaughter graduated from UAMS with her medical doctor's degree, so I certainly could not miss that, but I did so much hate missing the recital as I enjoy them so much.  I have been told that it went very well and I am looking forward to seeing the video of the performances.   If you did not get your video ordered, I'm sure it's not too late to do so at the gym at 501 985-1818.  The program will not be exactly as printed because of my inserting the photos between performances.

"See You Again"

Lauryn Hague


Carsyn Jones, Seanna Ochoa, Rilee Platt

"When I Grow Up"

Tiffani Dooley, Candra Hodges, Keanna Phelps


"This is Me"

Tori Kiser

Dance Instructors, Ms. Hannah, Ms.Lois and Ms. Mattie.  Ms. Lois is also Director of JDC.

A C T   O N E



Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Tiffani Dooley, Lauryn Hague, Lindsay Hague, Jaimee Hall, Candra Hodges, Tori Kiser,

Myla McGhee, Keanna Phelps, Tiara Trotter

"Hakuna Makata"

Louise Fredrick, Sicily Miller, Chaney Moore, Aubree Ransom

Catherine Romero, Vera Shroyer, Sadora Vanderleeuw, Skyla White


Mae Armstrong

"Gimmie Dat"

Tiffani Dooley, Keanna Phelps


Sora Barbour, Josephine Epperson, Faith McFadden

Michelle Moore, Lianna Overholser, Kaylee Pelkey, Harper Summers

"I Like to Move It"

Trent Armstrong, Shaleigh Dancy,  AnnaBeth Haycook, Mia McGhee


Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee

I must apologize - we were so enthralled with this little one that the group got away before I got the finale picture snapped. 

Not all of the front page of the program is shown here but the date of "Saturday, May 19th 2018, 3:00 p.m Cabot High School Auditorium" was also printed on this pretty cover.  The program cover was also imprinted on the recital t-shirts which made for very attractive t-shirts.

One of the JDC dancers was unable to attend the recital so  several of the numbers may have seemed a bit incomplete, especially the duet between the two sisters.  She was there for the recital, so the program was complete.  Also, I can tell by this first performance, the spacing is not the same as the program and I don't wish to retype the entire program, so please understand.

At our Dress Rehearsals, we always practice the finale first so then after the child has finished the second performance, the family can leave and not have to wait until the end of the rehearsal to leave.  We have done this for years and it works out very well.  These first pictures are from the rehearsal of the Finale.

Tori won two Talent Awards in the first night of the. Outstanding Teen Ms. Arkansas pageant.  Tori is proudly representing Ms. Greater Jacksonville Outstanding Teen in this State pageant.  We are all very proud of Tori and the fact that she is a Jacksonville Dance Company dancer.  This is the dance that she performed for the pageant.

"Waltz of the Hours"

Rai Bullock,Tiffani Dooley, Lauryn Hague, Keanna Phelps

"Hard Times"

Emily Cornett, Lilah Fisher, Emily Grimm, Emmalee Hilbert

"Try Everything"

Haylee Harper, Mia King, Ariel Wright

"My Party Dress" 

Lindsay Hogue 

"The Clique"

Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Jaimee Hall, Candra Hodges

Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee, Tiara Trotter


Mae Armstrong, Chandler Dean, Tori Kiser, Myla McGhee


Also, there are a few photos posted at the end of Page Three

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