2018 Ninja Program


This is just an example of what a three-year-old can do in Ninja - his feet are not touching and he is holding his own weight  for a good period of time.

Trampoline and Tumbling - Team and Recreational

2018 - Skills Revue - Preschool, Ninjazone and TnT

The 2018 - Huff 'n Puff and Jax Gym Skills Revue was held Tueday, May 22, for the gymnastics preschoolers.  Pictures are shown below  as they walked on the beam.  Some are out of focus because my camera is not meant for "action" shots.  I'm really hoping that I was able to get a picture of each little gymnast.  I was amazed at how well these young gymnasts could walk on the beam - forward, backward, sideways - forward with a kick.  And they were all so proud of their accomplishments.  The gym was set up with different stations where the gymnasts showed off their other skills - whether it was bars, jumping over obstacles, climbing over obstacles, jumping on the mini-tramp.  We were quite proud of their accomplishments acquired this year and we hope you are too.   Gymnastics promotes strength and coordination (and how to get along with others).  These little gymnasts are ages 18 months, two, three and four years old.  The five-year old gymnasts who have been part of the program in the past have been included in the recreational program since last fall

Young ninjazone student is "Walking the Plank"  This young Ninja held his own with the older boys (as well as providing entertainment for the audience.)  He wasn't afraid to try any of the skills!

Instructors for the Preschool Gymnastics Program are Coach Wendi, Coach Melanie and Coach Tori.   Assisting at the program were Coaches Wendi, Melanie, Tori, Anna, Jenna, Sara, and Laurel.  Team gymnast, Lily, also came out and assisted one young preschooler.  

Ninja Zone is a fusion of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts and free style movement (while having fun).  Coach Tim is the instructor for most of the classes and Coach Tori taught one evening a week.

Team Gymnasts after showing off some of their skills

We were quite impressed with the skills demonstrated by the TnT Team gymnasts.

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