Noelle - 1st Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

Lilly - 1st Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

Melaney - 1st-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

Competing early Saturday morning were the following Jax Gym Level One Gymnasts:  Hanlee Bridges, Gabrielle Davis, Christine Ford, Kinley Lercher, Riley Miller, Emerson Orman, Anyiah Tenner, Amelia Turner and Maci Kate Weatherford.  The Team was awarded the Third-Place Banner.   



The following are the top honors (first - fifth) for the Level One gymnasts:


Gabrielle First       Fourth
MaciKate Third Fourth Second Third Third
Amelia   Second Third Second Second
Kinley     Fourth Fifth  
Anyiah First   Fourth   Fifth
Hanlee   Fifth      
Emerson Second   Second Second Third
Christine Fourth     Fifth  



Top Honors (first - fifth) for the Jax Level Two Gymnasts follow:


Kensley Fourth Second   Fourth Third
Lianna Second First Second First First
Aniya Third        
Avah TAhird Fourth Third Fifth Fourth
Daisey Fifth Fifth   First Fourth
Paisley   Third   Third Fourth
Larsey   Third      
NoahGrace   Fourth   Fifth Fifth

Bella                Third

Jax Gym Competetive Levels One, Two and Three Compete at Spa City Competition

It was definitely a busy weekend for Huff 'n Puff and Jax Gymnastics.  Jax Gym Levels Two and Three competed in Hot Springs at the competition hosted by Diamond Gymnastics at the Hot Springs Convention Center.  Level One gymnasts competed early Saturday morning.  Huff 'n Puff dancers performed at the Jacksonville Community Center as they participated in the Jax Parade activities (which they were awarded First-Place awards.  We are so proud of all of our students and their accomplishments - sorry, I just can't help myself after over 48 years of "strutting our stuff."

Jax Gym Level Two gymnasts competed Friday afternoon.  Competing for Jax Gym were Kensley Haden, Jillian Hollis, Daisey McCuin,Paisley McDaniel, Bella Ortega, Lianna Overholser, Larsey Watkins, Avah Williams, Noah Grace Williams and Aniya Young.  The team won the Fifth-Place Team Award. 

The Jax Gym Level Three Team competed Friday night.  Competing for Jax Gym were Laila Bullock, Georgia Clements, Makaelyn Clifton, Jaeden Cooper, Lilly Davis, Aubrey Hague, Carsyn Jones, Ellie Joson, Kiersten Lewis, Adalyn Palmer, Joslyn Roberts, Melaney Wallace and Noelle Zoller.  The Level Three Team won the First-Place Team award.

Jax Gym Level Two Gymnasts with Fifth-place Team Banner - information above.

Lianna - First-Place Individual All-Around Winner for her age bracket

Noelle had the top score of the session - Congratulations!

Jax Gymnastics Levels Four, Six, Seven and Eight will compete in Fayetteville next weekend.

Top Honors (first - fifth)  for the Level Three Team gymnasts follow:


Aubrey First Third   Fourth Second
Carsyn Second       Fifth
Georgia     Third Third  
Melaney ? ? ? ? First
Ellie     Fifth    
Noelle Second First First Second First
Joslyn Third Second Fifth Second Second
Kiersten   Third Third First Second
Laila Third Third Second Second Second
Lilly   Second First First First
Makaelyn First First   Fourth Third
Jaeden Fourth     Third Fifth


See Level Two Team picture with banner below.

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