We thank our friends at Elite II for their warm hospitality.  We had a lot of fun and it was great for the gymnasts to be competing again - especially at their new levels!!!!

Cydney and Reese each placed First-Place Individual All-Around for their age group for Level Eight Gymnasts

Coach Lois is proudly shown with her Level Four Gymnasts  before the start of their competition.

Jax Gym Level Four Team competed in the Saturday 6:00 session.  Competing Jax Level Four gymnasts were Rebekka Baker, Makenzie Baker, Parker Brock, Tiffany Dooley and Lily Overholser. 

The Jax Gym Level Four Gymnasts won the Second-Place Team Trophy.

The following Top Five Honors were won by the Jax Level Four Gymnasts:


Lily Fourth Second Third Third Third
Rebekkah Third   Fourth Fourth Fourth
Makenzie Third Third Third First Third
Parker First Second Second Third Second
Tiffany ThirdT Second Fourth Fourth Fourth


The next competition for Jax Gymnastics will be held November 2-3 at the Cabot Gymnastics Facility in Cabot.  Levels One, Two and Three and Xcel Levels Silver and Gold will be competing in the two-day meet.  We are looking forward to the competition.

Top Three Honors for the Level Eight Team Gymnasts follow:


Cydney First Second Second   First
SarahGrace TFirst   Second First Seccond
Kylie   SecondT Third Third Third
Reese TFirst First First Second First
Sophia Third SecondT      



Jax Gym Competes at Mississippi Competition - Thrills and Skills

Jax Gym Competitive Team--Levels Four, Six, Seven and Eight--competed Saturday, October 26, in the Starkville, Mississippi, meet hosted by Elite Gymnastics II .  The meet began early Saturday but Jax Gym competitors competed in the 2:00 and 6:00 sessions.  It was a five-hour drive so we were pleased with the afternoon session.   The Jax Gym Optionals-brand new Level Six gymnasts, Level Seven and Level Eight gymnasts--competed in the 2:00 session.  There were 25 optionals from six teams from Mississippi and Alabama, including the fourteen optionals from Jax competing in this session.



Competing Level Six for Jax Gym were Lauren Hassen, Victoria Jacob, Keiarra Mosby and Brooklyn Theodore.  These four out of the five Jax Gymnasts, who comepted in the Mock Meet just two weeks ago, competed their brand new skills and did an exceptional job.  The team won the Third-Place Team Trophy.  

I apologize for the red eyes - I haven't been able to get rid of them - but it is spook time!  What I'd rather you notice are the new warm-ups and new flip flops for the gymnasts!

Top five honors for the Jax Gym Level Seven Team follow:


Natalie First Third Third Third Third
Emerson Fifth Second     Fifth
Leilani Fifth     Third  
Kendyl Third First Fifth First Second



We are so proud of our five-member Level Eight team.  We're, of, course, very proud of all of our gymnasts but to have five gymnasts on Level Eight is GREAT!  The team won the First-Place Team trophy - the numbers help - of course, but their scores were impressive, too.   (Again I apologize for the red eyes - just no success in eliminating them!)

Just look at these proud gymnasts - first competition as Level Six Optional Gymnasts - and their opponents in meet had already competed in one or two meets.

Top honors (first - fifth) award to Jax team follow:

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Brooklyn Fifth        
Lauren Third   Fourth   Fifth


Keiarra Fifth        


Attending the meet were four of the seven Level Seven Jax gymnasts:  Kendyl Bush, Emerson Pullley, Leilani Taylor and Natalie Villegas.  The Team won the Third-Place Team Trophy.  The Jax gymnasts competed in a group of 18 Level Seven gymnasts from five teams.

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