The Jax Gym Level Two Gymnasts won the Second-Place Team Banner.

Top Honors first through fifth for the Level Two Team follow.   (By age, alphabetically by first name)

Kensley Fourth First Second Second First Tie
Lianna    Third First   Fourth
Aniya First Fourth Fourth First First Tie
Avah    Second   Fourth Fourth
Daisey   Third Second Fourth Third
Paisley Fifth Fifth Fifth    
Larsey   Fifth      
NoahGrace   First Fourth First Second
Isabella     Fourth   Fourth


Coaches Jenna and Sara, the coaches for the Level Three Team are shown here in their new t-shirts designed for the Glitter Extravanganza.  Sara also coaches Level Six, Seven and Eight with Coach Laurel and Coach Dennis.  Jenna also coaches the Xcel Silver Team.

Gabrielle   First Second Fifth Third
MaciKate Fourth ThirdT Third   Fifth
Amelia Second Second Fifth Second First
Kinley       Third  
Anyiah SecondT Fifth      


Third     Fourth Fourth


Fourth First First Second First T
Riley   Fourth Third   Fifth

Christine   Fifth         Third     Fourth   Fifth      Fourth

Top Honors (first through Five) for the Level One Team Gymnasts follow.  Note:  I take the names directly from my roster - and on my roster, the gymnasts are listed by age, alphbetically by first name - in order to be able to quickly  find the gymnast on my schoresheet when the names are being called off so rapidly and then sometimes, I still miss them, so I apologize ahead of time.

The second and last session of the day was really busy as we had both Level Two and Xcel Silver competing at the same time.  I just want to thank Mr. Cleveland, Makayla's dad, because he always helps me with the score sheets, and if it weren't for him, I could never do this and even so, we missed some.  And honestly, the awards were so fast, it was impossible to get them all down - so we have done the best we could. 

Competing in the early afternoon session were the following Level Two Jax Gymnasts:  Kensley Hayden, Jillian Hollis, Daisey McCuin, Paisley McDaniel, Isabella Ortega, Lianna Overholser, Larsey Watkins, Avah Williams, Noah Grace Williams and Aniyah Young.  These gymnasts are taught by Coach Lynn and Coach Kaylan and are assisted by Elizabeth.  Coach Kaylan had duty Sunday, so Coach Lynn was assisted by Coach Lois.

Lilly won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age group.

Joslyn won First-Place Individual All Around for her age group

The Level One Team competed in the early Sunday morning competition.  Competing on the Level One team, which is coached by Lynn and Elizabeth, are Hanlee Bridges, Gabrielle Davis, Christine Ford, Kinley Lercher, Riley Miller, Emerson Orman, Aniya Tenner, Amelia Turner and Maci Kate Weatherford.

Melanie won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket

2019 - Jax Gym Competes at Cabot Glitter Extravanza 

Jax Gymnastics Competitive Team- Levels One, Two, Three and Xcel Levels Silver and Gold--competed Saturday and Sunday at the Cabot Gymnastics Academy.  It was the first real competition of the season for these levels where the gymnasts competed against gymnasts from other teams.  Levels Four, Six, Seven and Eight had competed a week earlier in Starkville, Mississippi.  The Xcel Gold gymnasts, coached by Coach Stacy Person, competed in the Saturday early afternoon session.  Competing Xcel Gold were Helen Born, Virginia Chestnutt, Kaeani Cruz, Anna Highfill, Kenzie Howerton, Mia Mabry and Kensley Rickett.

The Jax Gym Level Three proudly won the First-Place Team Banner over one of the hardest teams in the state! Our Pride is showing!

Top honors (first - fifth) are shown here.  For your information, I list the honor as I have the gymnasts listed on my sheets (by age first and then alphabetically by first name - it makes it much easier when awards are being announced and even then I sometimes miss the announcements, so I apologize if I missed a couple of placements.)


Aubrey Fourth Fourth Third Third


Carsyn Third Fifth Fifth Fifth Fifth
Georgia     Fourth TieThird Fourth
Melaney First First First First First
Ellie   Fifth Fifth    
Noelle Fourth First T Third Second Third
Adalyn   FourthT Fifth    
Joslyn Third Second FirstT Second First
Kiersten Third     First Fourth
Laila Fourth First Third Fourth Third
Lilly Fourth First First First First
Makaelyn Fifth Fifth Third Third Fourth
Jaeden Fifth Third Third Fifth



Kensley won First-Place Individual  All-Around for her age bracket

Kenzie won First-Place Individual All-Around for her age bracket 

The Jax Gym Level Three Team competed in the Saturday early evening session.   Competing Level Three were the following gymnasts:  Laila Buillock, Georgia Clements, Makaelyn Clifton, Jaeden Cooper, Lilly Davis, Aubrey Hague, Carsyn Jones, Ellie Joson, Kiersten Lewis, Adalyn Palmer, Joslyn Roberts, Melaney Wallace and Noelle Zoller .  The team proudly won the First-Place Team Award (by .05 point!)

Top honors, first thru third follow:  (I have the names listed by age and alphabetically by first names which sounds crazy but when there are many gymnasts being called out for awards, it is easier for me to find them by first name)


Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All-Around
Kensley First First   Second First
Mia Third Third Second   Third
Helen     Third First  
Kaeani Third First Second Second Second
Kenzie First Second First Third First
Virginia Second Second First Third Second
Anna   First Third First Third


The team did not accept a banner since they were the only Gold Team competing.

First-Place Individual All-Around Winner for her age bracket - We had two winners but got one picture.  This is Emerson.  We will try to get a picture of Amelia next meet to be inserted at the bottom.

The next competition for Levels One, Two, Three and Four will be held in Benton, AR, and is hosted by Leah's Gymnastics - called the Saline County Holiday Invitational.  Date:  Nov 22-23.

The next competition for Xcel Silver, Gold and Platinum will be held in North Richland Hills, Texas, December 6th.

Grayson - First-Place Individual All-Around Winner for her age bracket

Reese - First-Place Individual All-Around winner for her age bracket

Klaire - First-Place Individual All Around Winner for her age bracket

Top Honors (first through fifth) for the gymnasts follow.  (I list as I do on my score sheet - by age, alphabetically by first name - making it easier to keep up with the honors, when not calling out awards so hurriedly!



Ariana Second First First Second Second
Grayson First SecondT Second First First
Alayna Fifth Third Fourth Fourth Fourth
Hannah Third Fourth Third    
Jaidyn Second     Second Fifth
Lily   Second First First Second
Reese First First Second Third First
Aryonna   Third Fifth Fifth Fourth
Makala Third Second Third Third Third
Zaria Second Fifth Second Second Second
Klaire  Third First First First First





The Jax Gym Xcel Silver gymnasts won the First-Place Team Banner.

Kensley - First-place Individual All-Around Winner for her age group

Aniya - First-place Individiual Winner for her age group

Note:  I know at the meet, if a child ties first place (or any other place, but especially first place, I will show them both as First Place - they earned it!  When there is a tie for first place, the highest event score for the gymnast then determines first place placement.  I agree with that but for the purposes of the website, if they won first, they won first!  Now, if we can just remember to take pictures of the first-place all-around winners.  In all the excitement after the session, it is sometimes overlooked - so if your child earns first-place individual all-around, be sure that you stay so the coach can  get that photo taken.  (Thank you!)

The Jax Gym Xcel Silver gymnasts also competed in this second and last session.  It was so difficult for us to get the scores for both teams, since they were both large, so apologies in case I have messed up.  Coached by Coach Jenna and competing Xcel Silver were Makala Cleveland, Jaidyn Clifton, Ariana Cruz, Hannah Ergle, Aryonna Ford, Alayna Griffin, Zaria Jenny, Klaire Mawhorr, Reese Overton and Grayson Thomas.

Klaire also was awarded a special crown for earning the highest score of the session!  

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