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We already know that gymnasts are flexible and coordinated - just look at this strength

As mentioned earlier, Coach Kristina Carpenter had been a coach here at Jax Gym and when she was here, she began a program for gymnasts that helped them gain confidence in themselves - a very helpful program.  It is a self-love program and after she left here she became the Wellness Director at a 2000-member gymnastics program in Spokane, Washington, where she is promoting the benefits of self-love - something about which we all need to learn more.  The pictures below show Kristina talking to the girls about self love - thank you Coach Kristina for sharing your thoughts and program to the gymnasts at the camp.

Our many thanks to this wonderful group of coaches for a GREAT competitive gymnastics camp - this was our fourth and it seems to get bigger and better each summer.  From left to right, front row, are Coaches Anna (JG), Coach Stephanie Morrison, Coach Stacy (JG), Coach Kaitlin (JG) Coach "D," Deavera Todd, and Coach Grant Wooldridge.  Second row, left to right, Coach Kristina, Coach Jenna (JG), Coach Valerie, Coach Sara (JG), and dance instructor and former gymnast at Jax Gym Rachel Wyrick.  Third row, left to right, Zoe Osbon, Coach Johnette (JG), Coach Kristina (JG) and Laurel Adams (JG).


Hardest worker, good attitude, etc. etc. etc.  Way to go, Gymnasts!

2019_Jax Gym Kick-off Summer Gymnastics Camp - Page Four

Saturday, Day Three - Camp

The younger gymnasts attended the camp a half day on Friday and Saturday.  These gymnasts performed their dance for the rest of the camp on Saturday before they left for the end of the camp.  They were heartily encouraged as they performed by the other campers and coaches.  This may have been the first time for several of these gymnasts to "perform" before others and they did a great job.  Since they left at noon and the camp pictures were taken after lunch, they were not in the camp picture but we do have several other photos of these younger and/or smaller gymnasts.

Day Two -

Day Three - 

A bit of special recognition - to the left is Coach Johnette Osbon who is in charge of the Ninja Program.  She has been with the gym for about nine-months now, and like our other coaches, is a very hard worker.  She is shown here with Coach "D".  I would like to recognize Zoe on the right.  She is the daughter of Coach Jay (as her kids call her) and she was here for two days of the camp.  Zoe was enthusiastic and a great helper with the campers in various areas - she has her mother's work ethics.  Thanks, Zoe, for being such a big help at the camp.

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