If you are looking for trouble, we're here.  Arkansas is going to know that Jax Gym is here when they see the Jax Gym Level Three Team compete!

Shown above are team members - Laila Bullock, Georgia Clements, Makaelyn Clifton, Jaeden Cooper, Lily Davis, Aubrey Hague, Carsyn Jones, Ellie Joson, Kiersten Lewis, Adalyn Palmer, Joslyn Roberts, Melaney Wallace and Noelle Zoller.  

Oh my goodness - we're big girls now - we have competed for one year and have long sleeves!The Level Two team shown above are Kensley Haden, Jillian Hollis, Daisy McCuin, Paisley McDaniel, Isabella Ortega, Lianna Overholser, Larsey Watkins, Avah Williams, Noah Grace Williams and Aniya Young.  The Level Two team is coached by Coach Lynn and Coach Kaylan.

Have waited for what seemed like forever to get picture of these Level One Gymnasts in team leotard - I see that all levels now have long-sleeved leotards in team wear! Posted below is picture where faces are not covered by arms.  Always so proud of these young gymnasts - it's a big step into the next few years and having a wonderful sport and learning to set goals, etc.

The Level One Team is coached  by Lynn Gast and Elizabeth Scott.  Coach Gast has many years coaching experience.  She is assisted by Elizabeth who has competed Xcel at Jax for a number of years.  Will have their experience and resume posted in next several weeks.

Jax Gym Holds 2019 Mock Meet - Fun, Fun Day!

Jax Gymnastics Competitive Team held their 2019 Mock Meet at the home gym at Huff 'n Puff, Jacksonville, Saturday, October 12th. The meet was sanctioned with eight USAG judges judging the sessions.  Competing in the meet were Jax Gymnasts, Levels One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Seven and Eight and Xcel competitive gymnasts, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  It really was a fun day and we all were excited to get this season kicked off.  The Jax Gym traditional Mock Meet is held before the competitive season begins to give the coaches, gymnasts and parents an idea of where the gymnasts stand and areas where they may need a little more work.  And it should be remembered by parents, please don't compare how your child does with another child.  That other child may be a second year same level as your first-year level gymnast.  And every child will improve as the competition season continues.  I know that I was especially pleased with how great the gymnasts looked and I'm sure the coaches were, too.  Everybody has really worked hard over the summer and it shows.

During the regular meet season, I will put placements --either one thru third or one thru fifth--when I tell about the gymnasts, but we don't tell placements for the Mock Meet since there were not other same-level gymnast at this meet and we don't compete our gymnasts against each other.  Since this was a sanctioned meet, we did have four visiting Level Fours working toward Level Five and two Level Five gymnasts from two teams working toward Level Six, along with our five gymnasts.   Also, I don't post scores.

Also, not all the pictures were great - took with salutes and some faces were hidden - hope apologies will be accepted!

Competing Level One were Hanlee Bridges, Gabrielle Davis, Christine Ford, Kinley Lercher, Riley Miller, Emerson Orman, Anyiah Tenner, Amelia Turner and Maci Kate Weatherford.

This Mock Meet was a sanctioned meet - and one of the main reasons for it to be sanctioned was so our Level Five gymnasts (Level Four last season) could qualify for Level Six.  All five of them proudly qualified and will now compete this year as Level Six gymnasts - a big step!    Those gymnasts were Lauren Hassen, Victoria Jacob, Everly Lyles, Keiarra Mosby and Brooklyn Theodore.  However, we were unable to get pictures of the group.  Shown below are some of the Level Four and Five gymnasts sharing a momemnt before the meet and to the right below are Victoria and Keiarra.  The Level Five gymnasts were coached on different days by Coach Lois, Coach Sara and Coach Laurel.  The gymnasts and coaches worked really hard for the gymnasts to be able to move up.  And we are so proud of these gymnasts  all of our gymnasts, all levels, because we know how hard they all have to work to compete.

These lucky gymnasts above are coached by Coach Lois, better known for the past several years as Ms. Lois, director and head of the Jax Dance Department.  Ms. Lois was on Coach Laurel's first Level Four team of eleven gymnasts (back then and for several years, gymnasts started at Level Four - no one in our area had even thought about Levels Three, Two or One.)  And Coach Lois later coached team gymnastics for more than several years.  In fact, I was reminded by Coach Laurel that Coach Lois was the main coach when Jax Team Level Six Team won the Arkansas State Championship.  Coach or Ms. Lois (whichever you prefer) has been a big part of the Huff 'n Puff family for over twenty years.

This is the Jax Gym Level Four Team.  Shown above are Makenzie Baker, Rebekkah Baker, Parker Brock, Tiffany Dooley, Juliet Dunlap, Lily Overholser and Charlee Smith.

The Jax Gym Level Three Team is coached by Coach Sara Heil and Coach Jenna Mecca.   These coaches have been with Jax Gym for many  years, both as competitors and coaches.  Their resumes will be brought up to date in the next couple of weeks

This is Coach Lynn's first year to coach for Jax Gym, coaching Levels One and Two and Coach Kaylan's second year to coach for Jax - she coached xcel silver gymnasts last years.  Both have years experience in gymnastics.

Also competing in this second session were four Level Four gymnasts from Flic Flac City from Hot Springs who were competing to qualify for Level Five, and two other gymnasts from other gyms who were competing Level Five to qualify for Level Six.

Competing in this 11:00 session also were the following Jax Gym Xcel Silver gymnasts - Makala Cleveland, Jaidyn Clifton, Ariana Cruz, Hannah Ergle, Lily Fields, Aryonna Ford, Alayna Griffin, Zaria Jenny, Klaire Mawhorr, Reese Overton and Grayson Thomas.  These gymnasts competed very well in this session and I know they are proud of themselves.   These gymnasts are coached by Coach Jenna. We look forward to meets where they are competing against other teams.

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