Coach Preston and Coach Johnette (or Coach Jay as the kids call her) are really Coach Encouragers for our Ninja Program.  Preston is one of four kids in his family and Coach Johnette has four kids, who are all involved in sports, so the two of them are really good at leading these Ninjas.  And the Ninjas were really in awe when they saw Preston on the mini-tramp, which is one of the events for the Trampoline and Tumbling Team gymnasts.

2019 Skills Revue - Ninja Zone and Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnasts

Thursday night - May 23, 2019

Thursday night Skills Revue was a lot of fun for the parents and staff alike.  The Ninja Zone students entertained us as they showed off their skills that they learn in their classes.  A course was set up and the students ran from event to event to display their strength and flexibility.  The ages for the Ninja classes are three-four, five to seven, and eight to eleven.  The final event for the Ninjas was for them to run to a tall block, get on that block and jump into the pit.  Hidden in the pit was a special prize - a ninja pinata (not filled with candy though).   

These cute Ninja Balloons were great for decoration but were used for the Ninjas to show off their kicking skills.

Coach Johnette and Coach Preston are shown here before the Revue started.  Coach Jay and the female Ninjas got to have a pretty purple bow on their Ninja mask.  Note: above I mentioned that Preston is one of four kids, all of whom are involved at the gym, in addition, their mom runs the After-School program and also co-coaches the Trampoline and Tumbling program.  And dad is always there to back up the gym, bringing his big stereo equipment and furnishing sound for our programs or our large, three-day Emerald Classic Meet that is held annually at the Arkansas State House Convention Center in Little Rock.

We are greatly appreciative of all our coaches and families who support Huff 'n Puff programs and Jax Gym (Jax Gym encompasses our gymnastics, dance and trampoline and tumbling teams).  Your support of the Gym is appreciated more than you can possibly know.


I really apologize for the fuzziness of the pictures - the flash was not fast enough and most of these were without flash.  I'm sorry that they are not more clear.

The two youngest Ninjas in the Skills Revue program show off their Ninja pinata that they found in the large pit filled with foam blocks - hard job just being in the pit and trying to move, let alone search for a pinata.

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