• Norah is shown here with Coach Stacy.  Norah is the daughter of Coach Anna and she and Wryatt were almost born in the gym and they have certainly been growing up in the gym.  Norah is in a two-year old class and Wryatt, who is not yet two, has been in the Mommy and Me class with Coach Stacy.  Coach Tori is his mother, Laurel is his grandmother and Sheryl is his great grandmother (four generations.)

I tried to take pictures as the gymnasts started their beam routine.  I've learned from the past that this was about the only way to get fairly decent photos.  The photos would have been better with the flash, but most gymnasts don't have the time for a flash to activate!  I hope I got each gymnast.

Yes, I know he ran around a lot, but I was very proud of him when he on his own showed his daddy how he could do the kick with his walk.

These gymnasts were three of the four preschoolers who made Jax Gym Competitive Team.  Twenty-one gymnasts made the Competitive Team - their names are listed elsewhere.

2019 - Skills Revue - Preschool Gymnasts

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Huff 'n Puff held it's annual Skills Revue for preschool gymnasts.  The gymnasts ranged in age from one little gymnast who will be five on Wednesday, May 21st (tomorrow) to as young as Mommy and Me gymnast, not quite two.  Loved watching these young gymnasts - they have a really good time (as do the parents) and yet, some of these gymnasts are so serious about their gymnastics.  The gymnasts stretched and warmed up and then they went from event to event (maybe 10 or 12) so the parents could see what they have learned this year.  Three of the pre-schoolers even tried out for competitive team and will begin training soon to compete.  A list of the young ladies who tried out and made team will be listed elsewhere.

Some of the Jax Gym Competitive Team gymnasts performed a short show for the preschoolers and their parents.  It is so impressive to see their skills and how they have advanced - some of them from preschool to our most advanced levels.  Thank you again gymnasts for coming to display your skills, and thank you parents for bringing your young preschooler so they could display their skills.  We hope you and the grandparents enjoyed it as much as we did.

These ladies are most of the Huff 'n Puff-Jax Gym Coaches.  Coach Laurel was busy at the front desk but hopefully will get a picture of her and other coaches on Thursday evening.  It is quite difficult to get photos of the front desk  staff and other staff members because they are usually busy at the front desk during our revues.

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